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What are common problems with heavy-duty trucks?

Numerous businesses use heavy-duty trucks to transport large and frequently heavy loads. Therefore, these trucks require regular maintenance and repairs like any other vehicle. If you are worried about frequent problems with your truck and looking for a mechanic by typing “Who is the best heavy-duty truck repair service near me?” keep reading this blog. This blog post will highlight some common problems that a heavy-duty truck requires repair.

Common Problems with Heavy-Duty Trucks

Here are some most common problems heavy-duty trucks can have and can require you to spend much on their repair. So, look at these problems and pay attention to their early indicators to avoid high repair costs.

Engine Overheating

Heavy-duty trucks are more likely to have engine overheating problems. As its repair can be expensive, it’s good to fix it immediately. If you ignore this problem, your truck may not perform well, create problems on the road, and can cost you more.

Engine overheating can be due to blown gaskets and fuel leaks. If you notice these issues on your truck, you must pay immediate attention to them through a professional truck mechanic.

Remember that this problem can be caused by improper maintenance. Your engine can be damaged if you do not change the fluids on time. Maintenance involves regularly checking oil, coolant, and other fluids, enabling you to detect issues early and save money.

Starter Failure

Starter failure of heavy trucks is a major issue happing more frequently. If you live in an area with colder temperatures, you may face this problem more commonly. You must frequently check your truck’s starter mechanism to determine its future performance. It is also advisable to do this when the winter season begins.

The truck operator is more likely to notice clear signs of starter problems because this issue will make itself known as an ignition-related problem. You can advise your truck drivers and operators to turn off all nonessential components when starting the motor or engine.

Malfunctioning of Transmission

Regardless of your new or old truck, you can face problems with its transmission more frequently. You need to check whether your truck’s transmission has an automatic or manual system. You may have to bear some expenses if you change the transmission system. However, there is undoubtedly another solution, that is repair.

With heavy-duty truck repair, you have to take a careful approach to move ahead. You can avoid major issues by ensuring the regular maintenance of your truck.

Brake Problems

Getting statistics associated with the cause of trucks’ accidents and maintenance is not known. However, we can estimate that around 5% of all truck failures can be caused by brake-related problems.

Undoubtedly, the common repair on a heavy-duty truck is the braking system. The most common problem with the braking systems of modern trucks is that they are more susceptible to fluid or air leaks. This is because heavy load puts an overwhelming strain on the brakes.

In addition, corrosion and pollution from dirt or moisture can also cause the truck’s brake components to fail. And if left ignored, these can ultimately result in complete brake failure.

Electrical System Failure

Your heavy-duty truck may encounter electrical system failures due to various issues, such as faulty lights, damaged devices, and faulty wiring. Other problems can be loose connections and a failing alternator that can cause electrical system failure and even a complete vehicle breakdown.

Therefore, you must regularly inspect the truck’s electrical system, including the wiring, battery, fuses, etc. This way, you can keep the truck’s electrical system in good condition.

Wheel Misalignment

Whether you have a heavy or semi-truck, you must ensure regular wheel alignment maintenance. It is a crucial part of the overall maintenance process. Proper heavy truck alignment is necessary due to the following reasons:

  • Driving regularly on roads with bad conditions like potholes.
  • Inadequate driving habits.
  • Regularly carrying heavy cargo.

When the truck’s front wheels hit something on the road, like a pothole, it can cause a substantial impact of sudden jarring, which can badly affect the wheels. This hit can also lead to wear and tear and even deterioration of some main parts, including suspension springs.

Wheel misalignment can also be due to any modifications in the truck’s height. If you adjust the truck’s height without adjusting its suspension, you can potentially face wheel misalignment issues problem.

Oily Shock Absorbers and Leaf Springs

Performing visual inspections of the truck’s suspension system is highly advisable. During this inspection, you can find prominent indicators, including greasy or oily shock absorbers and leaf springs. These oily components indicate a fluid leak; thus, these parts may not work well.

Remember that shock absorbers can be easy-to-damage components of heavy trucks. It is especially a major problem if you have experienced even a minor collision or accident, which can result in leaking. As a result of this leakage issue, you can face further damage that may require you to spend a lot on repair.

Unusual Noises

Although the truck engine can make unusual noises, other components of your truck can also produce irregular noises. It means your truck has a problem. These noises can be high-pitched whining or clicking sounds when turning or low-pitched squeaking, grinding, or scraping sounds when braking.

Various causes may cause these noises, and it is necessary not to disregard them. In this situation, you need to call a professional truck mechanic for inspection so that the underlying issue can be detected and fixed.

Final Words

We hope this blog has helped you know some common problems with heavy trucks. Although regular truck maintenance is essential, getting help from a professional truck mechanic is good to ensure your truck continues on the road with the best performance.

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