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1. Regularly Change Your Oil

The operation of a heavy-duty vehicle depends on the quality and purity of the oil. Keep in mind that oil protects and lubricates the engine in your truck. Sadly, this material is quickly contaminated and fills with dust and other dirt. Consequently, it’s critical that you change your car’s oil on a regular basis.

The specifications of every truck could differ slightly based on the manufacturer and the purpose of use. As a result, BF Alignment Services advises you to refer to your truck’s owner’s manual to determine the precise frequency of oil changes. Having said that, it is generally advisable to replace it every four months or when the car reaches 20,000 kilometers.

Do you carry large loads, spend a lot of time driving slowly, or traverse sand-filled, rough terrain? If so, you ought to change the oil in your truck more often.

2. Verify the Other Fluids’ Levels

When examining the state of your car, you should be mindful of more fluids than just oil. Other essential components for your truck’s correct operation are power steering, brake, coolant, and windshield fluid. As truck maintenance specialists, we can actually tell you that a lot of drivers come see us because they didn’t realize how important these fluids are.

Let us explain the purpose of each fluid so you can understand why it’s important to keep an eye on its levels. Coolant, as the name implies, helps us maintain the proper temperature for all the other fluids in the engine. This material maintains the freezing and boiling cycles of engine.  Without coolant, engine performance will deteriorate and extreme temperatures could cause unwanted accidents.

Regarding the power steering fluid, it facilitates the movement and management of every part of a truck’s steering system. You may extend the life of costly parts like the pump and the power steering rack and pinion by replacing this fluid.

Lastly, a vital chore that some people neglect is changing the fluids in the windshield and brakes. It is very evident how important brake fluid is. But even something as basic as a clear, spotless front glass can prevent more than one fright.

3. Rotate the Tires on Your Car

You can travel wherever you need to go with a truck that has terrific tires. For this reason, we advise adding tire rotation to your list of things to do. Another crucial truck maintenance task is tire rotation. Why? Well, for one thing, it makes sure that all of the tires on the car get the same amount of wear.

This procedure does more for you than just extend the life of your tires. Furthermore, fuel consumption tends to drop and the suspension components benefit as well. Additionally, you or your technician will be able to examine the general integrity of the chassis while the tires on your truck are rotating.

4. Examine the Air Filters

An essential component for your truck’s proper operation is the air filter. It is this function that helps the engine run more smoothly and uses less fuel overall. Imagine it as the oxygen supply route for the virtual lungs of your car. The engine’s power drops and fuel consumption rises when not enough air is getting to it.

Remember to periodically check the filters in your truck. particularly if you’re accustomed to driving on sand- or dust-filled roads.

5. Never Ignore the Brakes

What could be more crucial for a safe journey than the brakes, excluding the engine? It’s not necessary to be an expert in truck repair to realize how important brake integrity is. Make sure the brakes are functioning at their best before starting a lengthy journey. Remember that heavy-duty vehicle brakes typically show increased wear. When your brakes reach the minimum condition of wear, BF Alignment (a Drive Line Repair Shop) recommends that you replace them right away. Don’t be afraid to contact a truck repair business to fix any imbalance in your brake system.

6. Examine the Lights Outside

Before leaving on a trip, you should also make sure this is in order, particularly if you want to drive at night. It will only take a few minutes to check the headlights and taillights on your car, but it will save you a great deal of trouble. One of the most basic engine maintenance tasks is replacing a burned-out lightbulb. However, the price will be far lower than that of a ticket.

7. Keep an Eye on the Clutch and Gearbox

The clutch and gearbox of heavy-duty vehicles generally see a lot of wear and tear, even though they are built to endure it. Extended vehicle journeys gradually deteriorate these parts quite rapidly. As a result, it is wise to exercise caution and take prompt action in the case that damage occurs.

Be sure the clutch doesn’t slip before leaving on a trip. This kind of malfunction uses more gasoline and poses a major risk to safety.

8. Tidiness is Also Crucial

It may sound stupid, but it’s crucial to maintain the inside and outside of your truck clean. It’s a precaution that will help you maintain the integrity of every part of your truck, not just the sanitation part.

Heavy-duty cars may gradually deteriorate due to environmental contamination. Take good care of your truck and make sure it stays tidy.

9. Regularly Take Your Truck to the Mechanic

While some jobs are doable by yourself, some inspections and repairs could call for a professional’s knowledge and skills. Self-sufficiency and independence are advantageous qualities for truck drivers and owners. However, there’s nothing wrong with asking for assistance from a helpful person.

We provide thorough services for your truck’s maintenance at BF Alignment. In Orlando, Florida, and for 100 miles surrounding, we provide 24/7 support with mechanical repairs, electrical repairs, and pneumatic solutions.


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